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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Beer Googles

   I googled myself the other day and turned up some interesting entries. The real surprise was "Filthy Slut gets fucked by big black Bear". Its at but basically its porn. Not even good porn and there certainly wasn't a bear involved.    I mean...I figure there was no bear. Its not like I watched it or anything. I especially didn't watch the bit where the big hairy fat guy uses his...swizzle dish out some domestic violence...but I imagine it was sort of funny.
   When did big fat hairy men start using the word "bear" as a descriptive term for their kind? That's not cool. I'm a bear and I take offence to that.
   What if people start thinking I'm Filthy the Big Fat Hairy Guy?!
   But then maybe that's the tactic I should start taking. Maybe if I start calling myself Filthy the Big Fat Hairy Guy then big fat hairy guys will take offence and realise the error of their ways. They'd go back to just being Big Fat Hairy Guys and I could reclaim "Bears" for myself and all the other Bruins.
   Now I understand that Big Fat Hairy Guys is quite a mouthful and probably the reason they started using "Bears" in the first place but surely they could shorten it. BFHG would be fine, and it makes them sound nicer...sort of like BFG the Big Friendly Giant from the Roald Dahl book but with an extra letter. Big Friendly "Hairy" Giant.
   Its quite apt. Mind you I don't think the BFHG in "Filthy Slut gets fucked by big black Bear" is really the sort of character you'd want hanging around your kids so maybe not.
   Speaking of annoying kids...
   I've been working in a school recently and I would like to know what has happened to normal names? When did strong simple names like John, Robert and Lisa get replaced with the terrible names that parents call their little monsters today. It almost seems that people take naming their child as some sort of competition to see who can come up with the most audacious and retarded name. (yes I realize I've mentioned this in previous blogs but it shits me, its my blog and if you don't like it then scroll down. Tell you what...I'll place a little * at the start of the part of the blog where I talk about something else...just to make this easy for you.)
   So...I heard a teacher do the role call for her class of 1st graders and it went something like this;
                  -Aragorn (I shit you not. Someone named their kid after Lord of the Rings)
                  -Cayenne (as in the pepper)
                  -Cyra (huh?)
                  -Erin (yay a normal name)
                  -Harmony (hippy)
                  -Kiannan (This is one of those names where the parents have tried to use a tropical motif.)
                  -Nurf (why would you call your kid Nurf. The other kids will kick him like a nurf ball.)
                  -Orlando (much like Shania or Brittany, this is a celebrity based name. Again linked, most likely to Lord of the Rings)
                  -Zion (I wonder if his parents understood the religious connections. May as well have called him Mormon)

   This doesn't account for the entire class but it gives you a pretty good indication. These were all little white kids and I don't like to judge but when their parents came to pick them up in the afternoon there were a lot of bike pants and tracksuits.
   So Christmas is coming up. I like christmas. There's something very bearlike about Christmas. I think its all the fir trees.
   Growing up in Germany's Black Forest we had a slightly different Christmas than most people. Sure we had Santa and tinsel and presents and all that stuff but did you know that Santa has a brother?
   In the forest and in many parts of Germany Christmas is also the time when Krampus or as we knew him Hans Muff would come visit.
   Unlike his brother Santa, Hans Muff didn't so much look like a man. He looked more like a devil, with black fur, horns, sharp teeth, claws and nasty eyes. He carried not a bag of toys but a switch of sticks and a chain.

If you were a good little girl or boy, Santa would give you gifts, but if you were bad...
...well Hans Muff would chain you up, drag you into the forest and beat the crap out of you!
   I like this tradition and its especially relevant for todays kids where there is no discipline. Kids don't get smacked anymore and they have no threat. (I've heard kids say they want to get suspended from school so that they can have a holiday for a few days.) 
   Hans Muff is a threat. "Either you do what is right or you will be beaten." Getting a lump of coal was never a threat and didn't change the way we acted. It was Hans Muff that kept us in line.
   Why not give Hans Muff (Krampus) a go with your little ones this Christmas? It'll really add a new dimension to the holiday season. It never damaged us as kids. Its not like I go around in a human suit or anything. I turned out normal as can be.
Check out this youtube video of Krampus.

   I hope they play that old movie adaptation of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. I love that story and the more scary a version the better. I'm not talking about the famous movie mind you. There is a lesser known one that is way more creepy with truly scary looking ghosts that still freaks me out today.
   I think I like the story because, much like Krampus, it brings a darker undertone to all the cheer and stuff. It evens out the season.
   Oh hey and since we're on the subject of Christmas...the reason I haven't mentioned Jebus in this Blog is because much like Odin, Zeus, Mickey Mouse, the Banana Splits and any other make-believe characters, I don't believe in him. Actually I think I believe in the Banana Splits more. At least they have video evidence of the Banana Splits. 


Friday, July 8, 2011

A Prank A Day Keeps The Bear Away

   I don't know if I've mentioned this, but I hate toilet jokes. Jokes about poo, jokes about menstruation, jokes about bodily fluids. I just don't like them. They're crass and disturbing and I'd rather people didn't even mention toilets, much less make jokes about them.
   I know that might make me a killjoy or a prude, but its not like I don't like fun. I like to dance. I like the odd drink. I like small animals. I like to drink with small animals. I like to dance with small animals. I like to dance while I'm drinking small animals.
   Filthy likes a good party.
   I used to go to a lot of open-house parties, literally parties where someone had opened the doors of their house to anyone who wanted to come along, usually some kid who's parents had foolishly gone away and left them in charge. Sounds nuts but it was a pretty tight nit area where I was living at the time and, though there could be anywhere up to 3 or 4 hundred people turn up, things rarely ever got too bad...well...except for the night there was a gang war, but thats another story.
   These parties were awesome. Sure some of them fizzled out a bit or were punctuated by too much ABBA but many were a roller coaster of fun fun fun and the pranks were many.
   Some of the pranks were perpetrated by yours truly, for which I am not so proud...well only a bit pround...of.
   I remember when I was still too young to have a liscence, there was this party where I filled up some poor girl's mother's car with drunk idiots and drove it around and around the block. Every time we came upon the house where the party was at, she would run out and implore us to stop. We would laugh, thinking it hilarious, and take off again.
   At another party, there was a huge birdhouse seated upon a tall wooden pole in the back yard. There were hundreds of people milling about, most of them in various states of inebriation. A buddy of mine, a polar bear, and me found a couple of tomahawks in the shed and, to the delight of the assemblage, we began to chop the birdhouse down. When it teetered, we called timber and people jumped out of the way as the structure crashed to the ground and splintered into a million pieces.
   There were always people sampling things at these parties, drinks, drugs, etc and I was fine with that, it made for good mischief.
   I remember there was this one guy who was so stoned that he sat propped against the side of a house, just completely out of it. My friends and I went to the garden shed, found an old empty petrol tin, and filled it with water. We went to where the stoned guy was and began splashing him liberally with the water in the tin. He hardly moved and looked up at us incredulously. 'What the fuck dudes?' he mumbled.
   I showed him the petrol tin and splashed him some more, then my mate, a particularly moody sunbear, started flicking lit matches at the guy.
   The matches went out upon contact with the water, but this guy was so wasted that he freaked out. He got up like a rocket and began throwing punches, screaming 'THEY'RE TRYING TO KILL ME! THEY'RE TRYING TO KILL ME!'.
   The last we saw of him, he was running away down the street, screaming and calling for help.
   Now we weren't all bad. We had a sort of moral code. Like one night when there were younger kids at a party, chopping up dope in bowls. My mate went over to them, all about 14, and said he knew of a way to make their experience way better.
   The kids seemed keen to try anything and so Grouchy went to the kitchen, came back with a carton of milk and poured it into each bowl in turn, filling them up.
   The kids didn't stop him, thinking that this was part of some mystical process or something, but they looked worried. Finally, when all bowls were full and the dope saturated, Grouchy said, 'There you go. Can't have cereal without milk. boys into sugar or honey?'
   All good fun and nobody got far as I know...but not everyone was so kindly with their pranks.
   There was a time there when a great mystery had arisen among the party-goers, a mystery so strange and devilish that it confounded everyone. Someone it seemed, was going to these parties and waiting for a moment when everyone was outside. They'd then sneak into the loungeroom, take the VHS machine from wherever it sat (yes this was a while ago), place it on its end, open the slot where the video would normally go, squat over said slot with their pants down, and there...they would take...a shit.
   The perpetrator would then wipe any excess excrement from the face of the VHS machine and place it carefully back where he'd found it. A lovely surprise for the owner of the house.
   This was happening over and over again, at every party that my friends and I went to and everyone had their suspects. I personally thought it was one of the football crowd. After all they have to start somewhere. You don't just start with date rape, pissing yourself on airplanes and writing your name on hotel room walls in poo. You have to start small.
   I'm sure that some people thought it was us. I mean people have an unfair prejudice against bears to start with so it wouldn't surprise me if they thought we were into this sort of thing, which of course we weren't...or so I had believed.
   One night, Humphrey, who was a weird bear by all rights, (quiet, he wore a straw hat like he was in a barber shop quartet, and liked to dress in a waistcoat and tie a fair bit) said he was going to talk to someone and left our little sloth of bears to wonder the crowd.
   Five minutes later we hear this scream, (which we heard before anyone else due to our far superior bear hearing) and the music died. That was followed by yelling and things inside the house breaking and a minute later Humphrey was ejected from the premises by a large man in a polo top. The man proceeded to wail on Humphrey and our first instinct was to help him. "More opression from the biped slavers" we thought, but then the girl who's parents owned the house stormed up to me and asked if we knew what Humphrey had been doing. We were in the dark but then she described his being caught in the act of shitting in her video recorder and all was clear. Humphrey was the culprit and he'd never said so much as a word to us.
   Well we didn't feel such a need to help him after that and went back to our drinks instead. We never saw Humphrey after that but looking back it should have been more obvious. He was slightly unhinged. When we went to the zoo to visit Bogey and Mopey, two of our captive slave brothers, he took great pleasure in going to the butterfly house and stuffing butterflies into his waistcoat pockets, giggling giddily the whole time, until we had to usher him out of there.
   And sometimes...just sometimes...he wore a the Summertime.
   Speaking of toilet stuff...
   I was in a unisex toilet the other day which was a little weird but did make me feel quite modern in a way that my ipod does not.
   Now I'm not a fan of public movements. I don't much like the smell and it continues to confound me that people find it so hard to press the flush button. You can't ever sit on the seat because its generally covered in urine or some other random forms of DNA and stem cell goop that you'd never purposefully lather your bum with, and so you end up taking up all sorts of yogic positions and contorting your body so as to make a deposit without picking up HepB or Menapause or getting pregnant.
   I personally have nearly perfected "the Eagle" and can perch on the rim like a proud raptor for quite some time. Yes...there was one instance where my foot slipped out from beneath me in South America and my bum touched water, but generally its my favorite. From that hight however you need to set up a paper landing pad so as to avoid the inevitable splash.
   Another is the human scaffold, single or double handed, where you take up a position as if you are seated a few inches above the actual seat with your hand, or hands, against the wall behind the toilet, holding you up. Its pretty strenuous and if you get stuck with a hanger-on, the muscles in your arms and legs can take a nasty beating.
   Then there's "the TeePee" where you basically stand with a leg off to either side of the bowl, but I find my big bear cheeks don't allow the bum junk to pass freely in this position and I HATE having to lick my arse clean in public.
   Anyway I have strayed from the point.
   I was in such an establishment the other day and this lady was in there with her kids, all of which were small. I'm talkin' maybe waist high or somethin like that. Maybe a bit smaller. So one of the kids is in the stall next to mine, and she's giving it a really good go, grunting and talking to herself, making all the noises of someone exerting themselves, only in a higher tone. Think Tele Tubby.
   It was like Pappa smurf snapping one off next door and i was losing it, and then to top it off, when she'd finished, the mother went in to see how she'd done (I'm not sure why. Maybe its a point of contention among mothers these days. "My son pinched a loaf that would feed a whole family." "Oh yeah, well my daughter dropped a stool that that family could all sit on side by side while they ate that loaf". I really don't know, but when the mother went into the cubicle, there was a gasp and then she said, "Oh that's not even funny." She must have flushed the toilet about 5 times in an attempt to get rid of the evidence, all the while the little girl giggled to herself proudly.
   I really don't know what it could have been. I've never heard a little girl grunting so loudly when taking a shit before. Usually that sort of thing is the realm of old men.
   I have, on occasion, been to the casino near where I live and its the one thing that I've noticed that sets it apart from a lot of night time destinations. The number and sheer fervour of the sounds coming out of those toilets is beyond the imagination and better not heard.
   Oh if only my ears were virgin again.
   Maybe its the loss of cash, maybe its the alcohol, maybe its the giant steak dinners, I don't know, but going to the toilet in a casino seems to be a harrowing, distressing and painful experience for many.
   I'm thinking of getting a colostomy bag...either that or a catheter.
   The guy in the flat in front of mine a year or so ago had a colostomy bag. I know this because he used to take great joy in showing it to me. He'd open up his shorts and say things like, "oh oh...almost full again."
   The sight of the colostomy bag was bad enough, but he had a hernia smuggled away down there as well. Do you know what that looks like? Its like a tennis ball sized lump of flesh that hangs from your stomach. And don't get me started on the smell...
   Eventually he moved out. Seems he took a fall and was laying on the floor of his flat for 4 days in his own filth, calling out to me for help as I went to and fro from my door. Being a modern bear, I always had my headphones on and so never heard a thing. Well...that's what I told his family.
   I really don't like that smell and like I said, I can't even talk about toilet stuff without wanting to gag.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The exorcism of Filthy the Bear

   I think the people who live across the street are serial killers or at least mild psychopaths.
   I get up early every morning and head out before the sun comes up, before its even vaguely light, and every morning, as I make a u-turn my lights flash across the front of the house across the street and the people who live there, sitting on plastic chairs, in their carport.
   They don't seem to be doing anything, just sitting there staring at me...watching me. Its a little unnerving. Who, in their right mind, gets up before the sun on a cold winter's morning, and sits out the front of their house to watch the street?
   I've taken to calling them the Klopeks, after the family of serial killer weirdos from that legendary 80's film "The Burbs". You might remember them; they were killing people and burying them in the back yard.
   In the photo below you can see one of the Burbs talking with the Klopek's son, Hans.

   The only time that I have met them in the couple of months that I've been here was when one of them, "the wife" stumbled over the road pissed and introduced herself while I was moving in. It was uncomfortable and weird and I've tried to keep my distance since. I sort of get the feeling that they are sitting over there either 1; talking about what a household of arseholes we are and are therefore planning our demise via mulcher or 2; hoping and wishing that we might make contact.  
   If its "2" they might want to get out more and if its "1" then I might want to get out more.   I think they have a dog but I rarely ever see it. I have a dog. Some dogs are big, some small, some happy, some angry, and seems...are posessed.
   Check out this article from a Jewish website;                                                                                                       

Dog sentenced to death by stoning

Rabbinical court rules spirit of secular lawyer who insulted judges 20 years ago transferred into wandering dog's body
Akiva Novick
Published: 06.16.11, 14:21 / Israel Jewish Scene

A Jerusalem rabbinical court recently sentenced a wandering dog to death by stoning. The cruel sentence stemmed from the suspicion that the spirit of a famous secular lawyer, who insulted the court's judges 20 years ago, had been transferred into the dog's body.

Several weeks ago, according to the Behadrei Hadarim website, a large dog entered the Monetary Affairs Court near the ultra-Orthodox neighborhood of Mea Shearim. The dog scared the court's visitors and, to their surprise, refused to leave even after they attempted to drive him away.

One of the judges suddenly recalled that about 20 years ago, a famous secular lawyer who insulted the court was cursed by the panel of judges, who wished that his spirit would move on to the body of a dog (considered an impure animal by Halacha). The lawyer passed away several years ago.

Still offended, one of the judges sentenced the poor animal to death by stoning, recruiting the neighborhood's children to carry out the order. Luckily, the dog managed to escape.

The head of the court, Rabbi Avraham Dov Levin, denied that the judges had called for the dog's stoning. But one of the court's managers confirmed the report to Yedioth Ahronoth.

"It was ordered by the rabbis because of the grief he had caused the court," he said. "They didn't issue an official ruling, but ordered the children outside to throw stones at him in order to drive him away. They didn't think of it as cruelty to animals, but as an appropriate way to 'get back at' the spirit which entered the poor dog."
   And People think I'm weird. There's a whole religion that has gone bonkers and I doubt there's a bear suit between them.
   Getting back to the people across the street however.
   I recently took a test to see if I was a psychopath. I'm serious and it was surprisingly easy. You can take the test right now if you like.
   Actually...if you're going to do it, get someone to do it with you. Its more fun that way and also if one of you is a psychopath then I would like the other one there to call the police and report it. But don't be paranoid...just be honest.
   Ok? Here goes.
   Now I'm going to tell you a story and I want you to answer the question at the end of the story truthfully and with as little deliberation as possible.
   Ok so a young woman goes to her father's funeral and while there she meets a charming gentleman and falls instantly in love with him. She's never met him before but this is it...the big one...the soul mate. Only problem is she fails to get his details or a phone number. The next day she kills her sister.

   Alright finished?
   Ok well I'm sure you came up with a few different answers. Maybe she was so messed up with self hate that she went off the deep end and murdered her sister? Maybe you thought the sister was with the man and the girl got jealous?
   Well obviously there is no right or wrong answer and no true answer either but according to experts there is an answer that is a good indicator that you may be a psychopath and it goes a little something like this.
She killed her sister in the hopes that, if the man went to her father's funeral then he might very well go to another member of her family's funeral and so she killed her sister thinking that it might bring her into contact with the man she fell in love with.
   I hope nobody ever loves me that much.
   Seriously though, apparently when they have asked this question to serial killers they almost always answer the question with that bizarre response.
   (Now is when those with a normal answer restrain those with the weird answer and call 000 or 911 or whatever number you use in your locale to alert the authorities)
   Actually that photo reminds me of an old boss of mine from my days in the circus and brings to mind a little story that I think you might like.
   We were traveling around the country, setting up the tents and putting on our show. We stopped at some big towns but we also stopped at some dinky little smears on the planet as well, and it was in one such speed bump that three of us, including my boss (Rufuss), myself and Zandor the Magician thought we'd hit the local hot spots and have a few drinks.
  The tequillas were many and we were all a bit drunk, my boss especially so.
   He had the keys to the hotel and when he was at his most hammered he decided it would be funny to run away with them. Zandor and I chased him and crash-tackled him in the middle of the street. We took the keys and headed to the front door of the hotel.
   Rufuss eventually got up and started running up the street after us, looking strangely like the terminator from the second Terminator film, you know...the guy who was sort of a liquid metal?
   We were desperately trying to get the key into the lock before he got to us but didn't make it in time.
   Funnily however, he ran up to us, crashed into me, and bounced off. He fell backward and cracked his head open on the tiled floor.
   A pool of blood immediately began to form around his head and he wasn't moving.
   Now remembering that we were drunk, it was a confusing time. We checked to see if he was breathing, and he was but we couldn't wake him up. All I could remember was something I'd seen on an old Three Stooges show on TV. I figured a bucket of water might help wake him and so I sent Zandor inside the hotel to find one that we could throw on his face.
   Zandor took a while and I was quietly worried about my boss who was losing a lot of blood.
   Eventually Zandor appeared with a small bin full of water. I took it from him and asked where he found it.
   He said he had found it in the bathrooms.
   Knowing that I had to move quickly, I poured the water onto my boss' face, and suddenly realised that water was not the only thing that was in the bin. A couple of small things that at first glance resembled dead mice dropped onto his cheek. They were wet and sort of fury, with long white tails...but they weren't brown...they were dark know...the sort of dark red that you get when blood dries.
   I looked at Zandor and asked him why he didn't empty the bin out first, but he was vomiting too loudly to hear.
   Rufuss did wake up and we got him upstairs, and after soaking up three t-shirts with the blood that was pouring out of his head we stopped the bleeding. Looking back I realise that we should have called an ambulance but everything turned out fine and but for a headache, he seemed to get over the injury quickly.
The tampons however, took a little longer to get over.

   So you know...hygiene is pretty important, and that is what you should take away from this little rant.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tiny is as Tiny Does Sir.

   I have this friend who is a tad on the small side. He's not a midget, or whatever the politically correct term for a dwarf is these days, but he is quite short. I guess you'd say he was hobbit sized and I often refer to him as the "halfling".
   He doesn't seem to like it very much.
   The other day I met his girlfriend and she too is diminutive. They're both pretty much the same size and its sort of cute when you see them together. Its like watching shetland ponies with backpacks. I like to think of them as Shetland People and in that way I don't feel so bad about staring at them. Its more like watching a David Attenborough doco on the tv and that makes me feel better about staring because there's fewer descriminatorial conotations involved.
   Its especially interesting to watch how they walk. I never notice it when its just one of them, but when they're together its like their legs suddenly become too short and they shuffle alot. There's even a bit of the Ewok in their strides and I sometimes imagine them with spears fighting the seemingly far superior empire and swinging from trees with wookies.
   Did you know that the final battle in Return of the Jedi was originally supposed to be on the wookie homeworld, with wookies instead of Ewoks?
   I'm glad it didn't work out that way or everything I just said would have made no sense and I'd have sounded like a lunatic.
   Do all short people shuffle?
   I would think that being low to the ground would make it easier to lift your feet because you don't generally have to lift them as high as everyone else, but then maybe I'm wrong. Gravity does get weaker the farther from the earth's surface you get, so maybe people who exist at lower heights than normal folk are living under a higher level of gravitational pull.
   Anyway its strange that these two tweenies got together. If I was short, the last person I'd go out with was someone the same size as me. I'd go out with someone shorter so that I would have a height advantage and look taller.
   I select most of my friends based on how their proximity to me will effect other people's perceptions. I hang out with short people in order to feel tall. I hang out with dumb people so that I seem smarter, fat people so that I feel thin,  really ugly people so that I feel handsome, pasty people so that I seem tanned...
   I once went out with a girl who was flat chested and it made me feel like I had big breasts, which was fun. Quite often I hang out with people with penises and then go home and finger myself.
   On the downside however I've started to mensturate and its getting harder to find my g-spot, especially when my blood sugar is low or I'm feeling delicate. But that's your fault not mine!
   My dog is short.
   I like short in a dog.
   She's managable and easy to take for walks and play with. I also like the fact that it reflects well on me to have a small dog. 
   Dogs are much the same as cars. A pitbull, much like a Hummer, says "I'm trying to compensate for a small penis", where as a cute little dog, much like a VW Beetle, says "My friends call me the Living Tripod."
   Hummers are dead now, which is a bit of a result.
   General Motors ended the brand. They said it was due to financial concerns but I'd like to think that it was a conscious effort on their part to do something good for the environment, the economy, the safety of small school children everywhere and to end the vicious circle of dickheadedness that Hummers are an obvious symptom of. 
   I just hope that Apple takes note and does something about the iphone.
   Many of you may know of my disposition toward the iphone.
   Just call it a fuckin phone for christ's sake and stop with the "i" crap!!! I call my phone a phone. I don't call it a nokia or a blackberry or whatever because I don't want to sound like a wanker. 
   Do you call it "my iphone" so that everyone knows you have an iphone? Is it you flexing your metaphorical muscles? Trying to seem cool?
   If you must call it an "iphone", man up and call everything by its brand name, or alternatively put an "i" in front of everything so that Apple can have an easier time when they finally take over your life. 
   I do it. I already call my dog my ipuppy, my shoes my icons, and my car my ivan, which makes it sound cool in a sort of russian sort of way.
   Did you see Russia in the Eurovision? Boy bands wouldn't have been round in the old Soviet days. Oh how I long for the cold war when there was a clear and obvious bad guy for the Americans to hate. They don't seem able to make up their minds at the moment and are using crappy reasons to go to war. They'd wage war on Rabbits if they could find a way to make Bugs responsible for a terrorist attack.
   Wait a minute!!!
   Is that a turbin!?! Don't terrorists wear turbins!?! Is that a gun in his hands!?!

   And Australia just seems to suck up their arses. Howard was Bush's little bitch and I've seen nothing to make me think Julia is any different. The problem is that Bush was relatively tall and so is Obama. Howard is short and so is Julia. They should be making alliances with the shorter world leaders. That way they'd look less pathetic and I wouldn't have to feel so ashamed when I see them at G8 summits and the like. Actually, Howard should have hung out with ugly people and dumb people and Julia should hang out with Chopper Reid.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Telephone in the Head is Worth Two in the Bush.

   I'm sitting here with a fine bottle of port, nibbling on tiny teddys by the fire and thinking about the old days when ol' Filthy was just a young cub out on the Canadian tundra. Those were the days.
   I bought my first real six string at a five and dime. I tell ya, I must have played until my fingers bled. I think it was the summer of 89'.
   You see me and some guys from school, we had a band and we tried real hard. But you know how it is. Jimmy quit, Joey got married...
   I should have known we'd never get far.
   Jimmy and Joey were fuckheads.
   But I've met some nice people along the way. Some I've stayed in touch with.
   There's this lady who knows all that glitters is gold. I last saw her riding a stairway to somewhere.
   Who rides a stairway? Isn't a stairway that you ride called an escalator? I suppose "She's riding an escalator to heaven" wouldn't have had the same punchiness, but then I've never really liked that song, so who cares.
   Its the chocolate bunny holiday at the moment and I've been thinking maybe its time to sit back for a moment, stop everything, and think long and hard about what this holiday truly means.
   "What does it mean Mr Filthy?" I hear you say.
   Well I'll tell you what it means tender lumplings.
   There's the chocolate of course.

 Its tasty as hell. I always think the best chocolate is Easter chocolate. Doesn't matter how cheap it is, if its wrapped up as a bunny or an egg, it just tastes better. Its like normally chocolate is just chocolate, but for a few weeks of the year it can also be meat, or an omelette. How good is that? I don't know why they don't make chocolate into the shapes of more things, like cows, little baa-lambs and robots.
   Speaking of robots. I love this little fucker.
   But robots, though retardelly cool, just don't seem like the real meaning of easter. 
   There's the bunnys...

   They hop about and make a lot of smaller, more compact, bunnies, which I suppose is the point of the original pagan origins of easter. (The name "Easter" originated with the names of an ancient Goddess and God. The Venerable Bede, a Christian scholar, first asserted in his book De Ratione Temporum that Easter was named after Eastre. She was the Great Mother Goddess of the Saxon people in Northern Europe. Similarly, the "Teutonic dawn goddess of fertility [was] known variously as Ostare, Ostara, Ostern, Eostra, Eostre, Eostur, Eastra, Eastur, Austron and Ausos.1 Her name was derived from the ancient word for spring: "eastre.") which was to celebrate the coming time of fertility in the Northern Hemisphere, but thats outdated a bit now.    
   There's the eggs. 
   Woops! Wrong slide.
   Okay not exactly what I was after but it'll do.

   We used to pick eggs that were nearly hatched and write backwards messages on them in felt ink pens. Things like "otirrub ecin a ekam annog er'uoY" "otsep htiw llew tnew mum ruoY" "team etihw rehto eht...nekcihc ybaB" "muy-eldood-a-kcoC" and other such stuff. 
   In this way we avoided the cruelty of a surprise death and warned them fair and square of their impending doom before they were even hatched.
   Eggs are only part of the true meaning though aren't they? Besides, a chicken's menstrual cycle is not what I want to think of on Easter Sunday so I'm gonna ignore it.
   Look...I think we all know where I'm going with this right?
   Let me elaborate a little for those of you who don't know the story.
   Ol' Filthy once met and almost had sex with a supermodel.

   I was working in a swanky wanky London hotel, carrying bags, stealing chocolates from the store room, hooking people up with prostitutes, looking the other way when rich twats overdosed in the hallways, things like that.
   So this supermodel from a number of years avoid any legal suits we'll just call her Maomi Pambel. She walks, neigh SWANS, in and takes a room. We set her up in a nice suite and don't hear from her for an hour or so when the phone downstairs rings and her name comes up on the phone as it did with all visitors. I answer and she says, "I can't get the water out of the bath. Could you please come up and help me."
   Its not rocket science so I go through the steps of taking the plug out, ie; grip with hand, pull gently (we're still having a clean conversation at this point) but she says she tried and asks again that I come up to her room and help her.
   Being a somewhat accomodating bear I agree and hang up the phone. As I go to head for the elevator however, my boss, another foreigner like me, asks what Naomi...I mean Maomi wanted.
   I told him and he refused to let me go up. Instead he sent a gay fella that I worked with by the name of Fabian (now seriously, was he ever going to be anything but gay with a name like that? He wasn't even Italian or anything. He was a white sydney lad. Why not just call him Fleur de la Fleur or some shit.)
   Anyway Ita Burtose comes racing out of the lift a few minutes later screaming like a little girl and wincing as if he'd just been vomited on.
   When asked what happened, this is what he said;
  "I knocked on the door. It was slightly open. She said 'Come in. I'm in the bathroom'. So I went in, opened the bathroom door and there she is, laying in the bath stark naked, no soapy suds, no bubbles, just a naked supermodel. She said, 'Are you going to help me unblock the hole?' To which I nodded. I then rolled up my shirt sleave, knelt down beside the bath and reached in for the plug.
   She then lunged forward, grabbed my hand and forced it up between her legs!"
   Now ol' Filthy is losin' it at this point. Its half fantasy, half possibility and I'm thinking He's gay! What a waste of a supermodel! But the story continues.
   Fabian:- "I tore my hand away from her vagina and ran out of the room. Oh it was disgusting, it was disgusting, eww eww eww!"
   To this day I still want to kill the bastard.
   So without another word, I marched toward the lift doors, hoping that the plug was still in position and that Maomi still required the aid of a gentle paw.
   My boss stopped me again. He barricaded the lift and refused to let me into heaven. Apparently this had happened on a number of occasions over the years and many hotel staff had had a close brush with jail time because of it. Rich toffs get smashed on whatever drug is the latest deal and sleep with staff, then wake up and cry rape because they were either too shit faced to remember or too embarassed to admit to anything else.
   Its not uncommon. I'd heard stories of similar things.
   Like one girl who apparently looked like  "Vlad Schmidt's" (name changed to avoid legal hassles) wife, Genifer Banniston. She had sex with Vlad, only to be told the next morning that he only did it because he missed his beloved wife so terribly and was only fucking a stranger because she reminded him of her.
   Ummm Brad...I mean Vlad... I'm pretty sure its still considered cheating if the girl looks like your wife. I don't think that makes much of a difference. In fact its a little creepy.
   So there you have it...the true meaning of Easter. Its a message that we should all try to remember and instill in the minds of the children. Its a story of hope, of supermodels and of plug holes, but most of all its about self-esteem.
   I personally decided long ago never to walk in anyone's shadow. If I fail if I succeed, at least I lived as I believed. No matter what they take from me, they can't take away my dignity. Because the greatest love of all is happening to me. I've found the greatest love of all inside of wine.
   Oh there's that stuff with that fella on the cross too but how many holidays does an omnipotent  and omnipresent being need anyway?
   Not that I'm complaining. Its a 5 day weekend after all.
   Stay Filthy.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

If you are what you eat then I'm a Cadbury Cream Egg.

   I never wear underpants. Its a thing with us bears. We're not good with clothes in general. Its not our forte.
   You see I'd end up forgetting that I was wearing them. I'd eat a big old salmon baritto, drink a bottle or two of the red stuff, feel the call of the bowel munchkins and promptly make a mess of myself. But look even if I did wear underpants, I don't think I'd wear them on the outside of my other clothes.
   Superman does.
   And Batman does too.
   But why?
   Batman is supposed to be all dark and tough and stuff, but how scary can a person be with blue undies over a gray spandex catsuit? I can see why they make him all black and leathery in the movies.
   Speaking of making a mess in your undies, have you ever heard of Timothy Treadwell? No? Well Timothy Treadwell was this fella from America who shall I say...stupid.
   Timbo was a bear "enthusiast". He was into us bears in a way that was somewhat intrusive, somewhat ignorant, somewhat obsessive. Tim felt that he and us bears had an affiliation with one another, that he was one of us in some way, that he was "special". He spent almost 13 summers hanging around some of my cousins up in Katmai National Park in Alaska, thinking that he was being accepted into the fold in a way that no-one ever had before.
   Tim gave my cousins names, names that were not their real names, human names. Slimey, Slippy, Gastro and Barfy, good Bear names, were replaced with things like Ramona, Caroline, Rochelle. The bastard didn't even ask for their true names, and so my cousins never spoke to him.
   They remained silent, hoping that he might get the hint and fuck off, but he never did. In fact his intrusion grew over time.
   Like a pedophile he would often coerce the cubs into playing with him, fondling them and rolling around in the grass. He was a voyeur, an intruder of my uncles...he sort of ate him.
   But Timothy isn't the only person to act like this. Loads of people like to think that they have an affinity with wildlife of one sort or another. Its usually the popular animals;




   But its rarely if ever the less attractive animals such as...



   Sea Shepherd would never work if it was warthogs or horseshoe bats that they were trying to save. All those Sea Shepherd stickers you see on cars wouldn't sell very well if they stood for wood lice or that little fish that swims up your penis in the Amazon.
   Actually when you think about it Sea Shepherd are a lazy bunch. It must be easy as piss to get donations for dolphins and Whales. The ones that need your help most, the ones that struggle are groups like (I didn't think there were any pegasus left but if there are they need help), (who wouldn't like to see a greyhound with wings) and (a happy animal is a good and tasty animal).
   People like to humanize animals, to give them attributes and personalities that are like their own but newsflash...we're not like you. Dolphins are known gangrapists, chimps tear other smaller monkeys limbs off, wolves...oh wait...I guess we are like you, but not in the fuzzy "warming the cockles of your heart" way that some humans like to think.
   Basically the best thing that people can do for us animals is leave us the fuck alone.
   I went to Seaworld on the GoldCoast the other day to visit some distant cousins, Chilly and Frigid, the polar bears. Much like the brown bears in Melbourne zoo, Chilly and Frigid walked laps over and over and over again. Its a behaviour seen in animals in captivity the world over and isn't, as some people think, their way of getting exercise. Its actually a mental illness that forms in the brain when animals are trapped.
   I have a mental illness. Its also from being trapped, not in a cage but in a world full of dipshit humans. Unlike Frigid and Chilly however, I have alcohol to keep me from straying too far from the path.
   A lot of humans have a path. Its a bit weird, a bit windy, a bit hard to fathom and a bit ridiculous. It takes some twists, makes very little sense and seems to be riddled with potholes. Its called religion.
   Now don't get me wrong. I used to have an imaginary friend when I was a cub, so I know how comforting it can be to believe in something that doesn't exist, but I grew up and I don't know if its healthy to continue with imaginary friends into adulthood. I'm sure if I spoke to Mr Gargles, my imaginary friend, these days I'd be considered crazy, but how is it any different than religion. Mr Gargles was there for me when my body was going through changes, he was always there with a smile, always there with a helping hand. Our relationship was much like a belief in god...with a few small differences.
   Instead of a deep booming voice he had a high lisp. Instead of long flowing white robes, he wore a long overcoat. Instead of kneeling in a church I had to kneel in a public toilet block and instead of making thousands of fish out of one, My Gargles would often produce milk from his....
   Sorry, I'm getting off the track a little and you're not really interested in Mr Gargles.
   I have a theory on Jesus that I'd like to share. Wanna hear it? Sweet!
   I've thought about the whole son of god thing and tried to imagine an alternate, more believable version of events at the time.
   You see back in Jerusalem in its heyday, the whole adultery thing was taken much more seriously that people seem to take it today. If a woman was found to have slept with someone behind her husband's back it was a serious crime, one that may have resulted in execution.
   Now just imagine that Joseph was a hard working man. Lets say that he was busy, perhaps not home as often as Mary would have liked. and because of this his marriage is failing. Mary is getting bored with her life and starts hitting on...let's say...the local donkey salesman. We'll call him Roger.
  So Mary sleeps with Roger while Joseph is at work and after one such rendezvous she falls pregnant. Its obviously not Joseph's cause he's always so tired that they haven't had sex in months, so the question arises as to how she is up the duff.
   Mary knows her answer will either save or sink her and so, not wanting to be executed, she comes up with an elaborate story. She tells people that an angel came to her and that god himself is responsible for the sudden miraculous pregnancy. Its a last ditch effort but Mary is good at telling a story or two and the people, including Joseph, eat it up.
   They eventually have the baby Jesus. The lie gets a little out of hand, what with three wise men and all turning up to the birth, but its too late for Mary to back out and so she charges ahead.
   The problem arises years later when Jesus grows up. He knows the story but he also knows that he ain't no son of god and so he starts an investigation into his own beginnings. 
   It becomes pretty obvious that Mary had gotten up to some suspiscous things in her day. He basically starts to think that his mum is a slut.
   So what does our friend Jesus do? He goes and finds himself a prostitute named...of all things...MARY. He was projecting his disgust over his mother onto a rent girl. Its all very Freudian if you think about it.
   And the crucifiction? Stag party gone wrong. You've heard the stories. People are always being tied up to lamp posts naked and stuff. 
   They didn't have lamp posts back in Jesus' day, but they did have crosses. I guess the disciples drank too much at the last supper. 
   Mary, the Mary hooker or the Mary disciple or whatever, (he really had a problem with Marys) must have been pissed when she found that they'd crucified Jesus and fucked the wedding for her. 
   Drunk idiots.
   Luckily there aren't any crosses in Surfers Paradise or Saturday and Sunday mornings would be a messy affair.
   I wonder if they'd let a bear into church..?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Otaku OMG!

   I don't have to tell you that Japan is going through some shit at the moment. I was in Japan at this time last year and feel pretty shit for my brothers in bbq. (have you ever been to a Japanese bbq restaurant? Its Nirvana...not the band the place. You sit at a table with a sort of wire grill over an open flame. They serve you platters of extremely thinly sliced meats and you throw them on the grill to cook. When the meat is cooked as much as you like, you use a little pair of tongs to take it off. There are dipping sauces and its making me salivate just thinking about it. I paid about $30AUD for an hour of as much of this and as much beer as I could drink. Awesome!!!)  But look, that's not really what I want to talk to you about.
   Watching the tsunami footage was mind-blowing and sobered me up. I didn't like being sober and so as a show of support I began drinking Japanese beers; Asahi, Kirin and Sapporo. I have been drunk ever since but that in no way reduces the relevance of what I shall write for it is written from the heart and if anything, beer opens that particular muscle wider.
   The wave itself was impressive as it surged toward shore; a nicely shaped peak at one point with a perfectly peeling right and a slightly fatter fuller left, but then it hit and all thoughts of surfing it were replaced with stunned horror. Watching it wipe whole villages from the map was difficult to take in. Its happened before. There is a reason why "tsunami" is a Japanese word, but how do you prepare for something so overwhelmingly destructive?
   I remember the first time I saw Japan beset by just such a force of nature. It was 1978 and the Sunday matinee movie was on tv, showing a re-run of  the 1964 film "Godzilla vs Mothra". This movie changed something in me. It was my first face to face with a brutal force of nature and made me feel very small. The world, I realised, was grumpy with mankind, and it was time for a spanking.
   Over the years since 1954, when Godzilla first showed himself, the creature has made landfall 28 times. On each occasion it has brought devastation and heartbreak to not only Japan but the world and so its not surprising that some people may have be apathetic towards the current situation. Do not judge too quickly. Japan needs help. The government of Japan know how to deal with the damage made by a Godzilla attack but the damage from a tsunami is completely different.
   My greatest fear is that Godzilla may have been woken by the earthquake that caused the tsunami, after all it has happened before. He's always being woken by some shit like that. That's his M.O.
   The last thing they need is a monster attack on top of everything else.
   I went to Hiroshima when I was there and that was pretty fucked. Went to the museum and spent a fair bit of time there. I must say that even ol' Filthy shed a tear that day.
   Can I just say one thing about the bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima? Get this; the U.S. government debated over whether or not they would alert the Japanese government to their intentions. The scientists pushed them to warn the Japs so that they could evacuate the cities that were on the possible target list but the U.S. military had other ideas. They wanted to use the bomb as a sort of test of the long term effects of such an attack. They decided not to warn the 150,000 innocent people at ground zero so that they could use them as guinea pigs. That's pretty much the definition of evil I figure.
   There are so many good things about Japan and the Japanese. Sushi is better and WAY cheaper there, (about $1 per plate). They have whole multistory buildings for nothing but beer and Karaoke. The pop music sucks so bad its funny, unlike western pop (yes that includes that hip hop shit) which is just plain crap. The girls are perhaps the hottest per capita that I have ever seen anywhere in the world, including the Czech Republic and Chile. I don't think I saw 1 fat person the whole time I was there. Sumo. Otaku. Half the population reads comics and sees them as an art form, not a source of ridicule. Godzilla. Kendo. The snow fields. The Shincansen fast train.
   Whale...tastes sort of like dolphin, which tastes sort of like panda, which tastes sort of like chicken. So I guess Whale tastes like chicken. God that's such a cliche.
   One of my favorite things about Japan however and the thing that I saw painfully little of, is COSPLAY!
  Grown people dressing up as their favorite fictional characters is, in my book, perhaps the most significant cultural movement of the last 200 years, better than surrealism, post modernism (what I like to call shit), better than disco, sideburns, breakdancing...even better than freegoating.
   Sure its a little Peter Pan syndrome, sure its a little weird, but its an expression of freedom that few people in western culture feel comfortable exercising.
   There is a lot of good cosplay, with costumes meticulously made by real dedicated fans but then there is a darker side of cosplay, there is BAD cosplay.
   Here's an example of what I would call good cosplay.

This also is good cosplay.

Even this is reasonably good cosplay.

This however is not so good.


This is really not so good.

And this is just messed up.










   So that's cosplay.
   That second last one threw me but I finally realised that they were doing the characters from that classic of modern cinema "The Human Centipede". If you haven't seen or heard of it, its this film where some weirdo doctor out in the woods gets three people and makes them into a human centipede by sewing their mouths to the arse of one of the others so that they are joined in a line. There's a japanese guy in front, a girl behind him and I think another girl behind her and once the stitches heal the doctor takes them out and teaches them to move about together. They eventually have to eat. So the guy in front eats and though he holds onto it for a long time, he eventually needs to go poo poo. He shits in the girls mouth behind him and then after a while she shits in the mouth of the girl behind her. Eventually the last girl dies of malnutrition or something and the whole experiment goes to hell.
   I believe Disney made it. Apparently it was originally going to be an animated feature but was bumped for Cars.
   The photo with PedoBear Hoodie is up for explanation if anyone has one. 
   What sort of fucken weirdo dresses up as a bear anyway. Seems a bit queer if you ask me.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


   I was in a public toilet the other day and something slightly unsettling happened. I was at the trough, draining the pee pipe when this guy, who I had not even noticed standing in the corner of the room, starts like chanting/singing, in a high loud voice, in what I believe was arabic. He had a beard and was wearing a backpack. He didn't seem to care that a bear was in the public toilet block with him.
   Now back in the days of pre-9/11, pre-Howard fear mongering, pre-everyone different is a terrorist, pre-ignorant redneck society, I would have just thought that this guy was some nut, but as we do live in these strange times, my mind leapt straight into a fairly extreme scenario.
   Basically, the last thing I want to hear in a public toilet is someone with a backpack singing the Koran. So in my mind, this guy's a suicide bomber and the bomb is counting down in the pack on his back.
   I have no delusions of grandeur, I wasn't thinking that I'm some pillar of western society and a shining beacon of democracy and capitalism or anything like that. I didn't and don't imagine that Al Queda have moved me to the top of their list of targets, but I did figure that maybe this guy was a suicide bomber in training. Maybe this was a trial run. A cold run. It would be quite stressful to be a suicide bomber and quite embarassing really. Singing in public is a difficult thing for most people and I imagine that the terrorists (you know...the terrorists that are everywhere because they've flooded into our country on leaky boats directly from Mecca) would need to undergo training of some kind.
   Come to think of it...maybe that's why the terrorists don't really get that much done. Maybe...just maybe, they lose a lot of prospective terrorists in training. It makes sense. I mean you get past the beard class and the singing in public class but then the trial run comes along and...well...boom.
 Speaking of suicide bombers; don't you wish they'd target those people with the "my family" stickers on their cars? You know, the ones with the shitily drawn illustrations of the dad, the mum, the kids, the fuckin cat, etc etc. They just remind me of the old Sprite soft drink guy and nobody needs to be reminded of that bozo.
   BOZO. I once saw a kid in Peru with this t-shirt on with a clowns face that had a red circle with a diagonal line through it, (think Ghostbusters with a clown instead of a ghost) and the words "NO BOZOS" under it. Awesome!
   Did you know that mushrooms are more closely related to humans than they are to plants? Is thrush a mushroom? Its a fungis right? Which is like a mushroom.
   I had thrush once. Twice actually. Its not fun and you definitely can't make a nice sauce out of it. In fact I'd say thrush and steak should always be kept at a good distance from one another.
   Do you like small fury animals? I do. They taste nice and tickle my tongue. Some people it seems, like small fury animals too much. You see I have this geinacologist (I'm a male bear and have no business being able to spell such a word) friend, and he tells me some truly messed up stories. You know, people coming in with things stuck inside them...some of them still making buzzing sounds, things like that. So this woman comes in to see him with bad pains in her uterus or whatever and asks him to take a panda at the sitch down below. My friend puts her in the stirrups and uses some sort of spreading device to take a look.
   What he sees confounds him, for there are two tiny pin pricks of light coming from within. He takes another of his tools of the trade and reaches in for the foreign object, takes hold of something small and round and pulls. It doesn't want to come out but with a bit of elbow grease it gives. My friend, the geino, looks down to find the head of a rodent in his hands, like a guinea pig or something, and realises that what he thought were pin pricks of light was actually the reflection of light off the rodent's eyes.
   It had been there for a while because it had started to decompose a little which is why the head came away from the body, which he had to take out as well.
   I have a question.
   Who in their right mind thinks shoving a small rodent up ones vagina is a good idea?! Haven't we all read 1985? Rodents eat stuff, lots of random the inner wall of the uterus for example.
   Anyway, i thought she'd have died from toxic shock or something before it got to decomposition, but who am i to question a flange doctor.
   But hey, women are wonderful things. Their bodies work in ways that we can't ever truly understand, ways that don't really seem to follow natural law. Womens bodies, when they get to a certain age, are telling them to reproduce, find a sucker, draw out his seed and make a baby together...whether he wants it or...well...i don't know if men ever really want a baby...
   But you know menstration doesn't want a baby either and it does everything in its power to make doing so nigh impossible. Menstruation makes women insane, la la, nuts. IF menstruation wanted women to have babies, it wouldn't make them angry or irrational. If menstruation wanted women to have babies it would instead make them into sexual goddesses. They'd be putting on the sexy lingere and a sweet crotchless number and it'd be all guns blazing. The biggest problem associated with menstruation would be lack of sleep.
   i recently bought a GPS for the van. Its cool but it has a women's voice that tells you where to turn and stuff like that.
   Now that would be fine on its own but I also recently got myself a girlfriend (a hot little Kodiak bear from an Afghanistani zoo) and having the two of them nagging at sucks. Neither one can be made to shut up and it gives me a damn headache. I think by girlfriend and the GPS have been spending time together without me as well, because the GPS has changed. It now waits until we're passing a street before it tells me to turn, and if i disagree with it, it won't talk to me for an hour.
   I disagree with it alot.
   You know I actually used to think that headaches weren't real. Not including hangovers of course, but I reasoned that as I had never experienced one then they weren't real. (And migrains...a headache is not a migrain, just like a cold is not influenza.)
   My ideas about headaches changed with the advent of Supre.
   I went into Supre the other day to look for a present for a friend of mine. What the fuck!? Shit music played loud is just loud shit music. The clothes look like somebody was cremated in them, all punctuated with designer holes and shit which I really don't get. If I wanted clothes with holes in them, would I not just wear the fuck out of the clothes I already have?
I thought that hole crap went out when Samantha Fox turned lesbian!
   I just watched "touch me" by Sammy on youtube. Why is there so much twirling in that video? It didn't work for Obi-wan.
   I like to go to shopping centers and mess with people's heads. Its funny how people react to a bear. Everyone just takes it for granted that if there's a bear in a shopping center then he must be there for the children. They'll happily take their kids up to you for a cuddle which is a little weird really. I never understand that sort of thing. I would think a bear (or someone dressed as a bear) would be someone to be wary of. How unbalanced does somebody have to be to...
   Anyway, I like to creep the parents out. The kids always want to hug the bear which makes me queasy but I deal with it. I then hug the mothers and slide my paw down to cop a feel of their butts. Its really surprising that I haven't been hit yet.
   Actually I'm starting to think that I'm fullfilling a dream for most women, some sort of fantasy or something, and who wouldn't want a bit of the old Filthy. Have you watched a wildlife doco recently? Wow! We bears really go at it in a big way and you know what they say; "Once you've had bear you're left with a tear." Well...something like that.
   If the police ever try to grab me, I figure I can just call what I It seems any old crap can be called art these days, well...except art that is. I often have this argument but basically, if you need to make up a story to explain to people why they should like it then its probably shit, and if people are so ignorant that they'll pay thousands of dollars for blank canvas then they...are shit.
   Robert Rauschenberg was shit. "The space between art and life"? What a load of toss.
   His white paintings were supposed to reduce painting to its most basic essential nature and people paid a shit load for them when all they needed to do was stare up at their kitchen ceiling. Painting contractors reduce painting to its most pure and essential form every fuckin day.
   Here's what Wikipedia has to say about them:- "They appear at first to be essentially blank, white canvas. However, one commentator said that "…rather than thinking of them as destructive reductions, it might be more productive to see them, as John Cage did, as hypersensitive screens – what Cage suggestively described as ‘airports of the lights, shadows and particles.’ In front of them, the smallest adjustments in lighting and atmosphere might be registered on their surface.[citation needed] Rauschenberg himself said that they were affected by ambient conditions, "so you could almost tell how many people are in the room."
   Like I ceiling.
   Like anything though, people get caught up in a clique or a movement and think they are the most clever and wise people for that. In many ways all that arty bollocks is no different than any other movement, punk, goth, even fuckin yo-yos. Its stopped being about the actual work and has become more about the bullshit. Its like, I'm punker than you because I've got a mohawke but instead its I'm artier than you because I can make up bullshit so well that I'll have people buying white canvas for big dollars.
   Which really...I suppose is art. Making suckers out of those art snob types is an art in itself I guess and I must say I respect that. Mind you, how hard is it to suck in people who are actively going out and begging to be sucked in? When the con "artists" can suck in the general public enmasse, then maybe I'll be impressed.
   Maybe Justin "Beaver" is an artist afterall.
   I'm going now...I have a migrain.